Wood burner installation



Whether you want a brand new wood burner installation, a replacement lining, a new flue system or you are renovating and interested in what your options may be, I am available to advise and carry out the work.  I am a HETAS registered installer which means that I:

  • Am trained and assessed to carry out compliant work
  • Will ensure your appliance works safely and efficiently
  • Will provide a certificate of compliance following the completion of the installation

Prior to any wood burner installation I will undertake an inspection and advise on the correct stove for your property.


I carry a range of brushes and equipment to deal with any type of chimney and flue. My sweeping service also includes a visual inspection of both the chimney and equipment, examining the door seals, vents and plates. If required, I will temporarily remove parts from your wood burner or range cooker to ensure that a thorough sweep is undertaken – and this is included in the price. Rest assured that all the sweeping services provided by me are undertaken to the highest standard, with the upmost care and professional methods used. You can be confident of your home remaining clean and dust free. I use a HEPA filter industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining soot from the hearth and surrounding area. Certificates of Sweeping are issued for every chimney/flue for insurance purposes and I am happy to advise the frequency of future sweeping requirements based on your fuel and equipment.

Power Sweeping and Tar Removal Service

For properties which have experienced a build-up of tar residue in the chimney I can offer a power cleaning service.  This will (sometimes over a series of appointments) remove the dangerous materials in the chimney.  These build-ups can cause chimney fires and will greatly reduce the efficiency of your fire.  As each situation can be different I can undertake a free inspection if required to advise you of the most suitable way forward for your chimney and the potential costs involved.

Bird’s Nest Removal

I can undertake the removal of nests and blockages, ensuring that your chimney is clear from debris so that you can light your fire with confidence and peace of mind.  We can also provide advice on prevention to reduce the likelihood of future nests occurring.

Bird Spike Fittings

If you have an issue with birds roosting and nesting on your properties, I can supply and fit birds spikes.  Again, I can visit free of charge to assess any access issues and to provide a full quotation.

Cowl Fitting

Whether you require a new cowl, or a replacement to an existing cowl, I can undertake this work.  I will be glad to offer advice on choosing the right cowl for your requirements and property.  I am happy to visit beforehand to provide you with a quotation and to advise on any access issues.

Camera Inspections

For internal condition inspections of your chimney, or to find out why your chimney is not performing as well as it should, then I can offer camera inspections.  This allows me to inspect the full height of the chimney.  This information can greatly assist when discussing any future works with builders or insurers.